Alice Strevens Associate Director Human Rights and Social Impact

Alice Strevens

Alice is Associate Director for Human Rights and Social Impact, based in the UK. She has 11 years experience developing and implementing strategies to improve labour standards and human rights in global value chains. In her role as Head of Ethical Trade at ASOS she delivered ambitious and transparent due diligence programmes aligned to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and OECD Due Diligence Guidelines. Alice has worked both in-house and in consultancy in fashion, consumer goods, hospitality and real estate sectors.

She is highly experienced in carrying out human rights impact assessments, strengthening due diligence strategies, measuring impact and reporting in the field of business and human rights. She is able to advise companies on how to embed respect for human rights and build meaningful programmes to mitigate and remedy potential and actual human rights impacts. Alice also has extensive experience in communicating and reporting on human rights programmes taking into account the needs of a range of stakeholders including government, civil society, trade unions and affected rights holders.

Alice has been a board member of various multi-stakeholder initiatives including Action, Collaboration, Transformation, aimed at achieving living wages in the garment and textile industry through collective bargaining and responsible purchasing practices. She is now Chair of the Energy and Environment Alliance Social Impact Committee, developing measurement criteria for BREEAM-in-Use in the hospitality sector. In her previous role she was chair of the Anti-Trafficking Committee, implementing the Stop Slavery Blueprint in the hospitality sector.

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